Joining us

Before applying to join we recommend you visit the Letchworth Rugby Club on a Sunday afternoon where flying normally starts around 2pm. You can then watch us flying, chat with members to find out what we are like and understand which models are suitable for our flying sites. If you decide to join please take a look at the Club rules, Code of Practice and Legal pages on this website before applying online.

BMFA Membership

As of February 2021 the LMAS is a BMFA affiliated club, and all LMAS members must hold BMFA membership. This can be taken out directly with the BMFA via their website or over the phone, or through the LMAS itself (see application form). Members cannot fly at the Rugby Club or Wilbury Hills sites until they have BMFA membership!

Membership fees and applying to join

The club year runs from 1st November to 31st October, and the annual subscription for 2020/21 is as follows:

Seniors over 18 years of age:£15.00 plus BMFA membership of £38.00
Juniors under 18 years of age: £8.00 plus BMFA membership of £17.00
One off joining fee (Senior and Junior)£5.00

The annual LMAS subscription is halved for new members joining from October onwards, and BMFA membership costs also reduce from July – click here for the current rates.

To join the LMAS please fill out the online or paper version of our application form. Preferred payment method is by on-line transfer (details are on the forms; please use your name as the payment reference). Alternatively, a cheque made out to Letchworth Model Aeronautical Society or cash can be handed to a Committee Member at the flying field.

Help minimise C-19 risk – only pay by cheque or cash if you are unable to transfer payment online.