Silent flying site – Wilbury Hill Farm

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  • The flying site (map) is off Wilbury Hills Road on the western edge of Letchworth
  • Take the turn after the entrance to Hillcrest Park caravan site
  • Proceed past the house on the right
  • Bear left through the gate
  • Follow the drive into the courtyard for parking
  • Take the path through the gate (key in the club hut if locked) down to the end of the field
  • Enter at your own risk when livestock is in the field

Map Key: 

  • Flight area – Green
  • Approach area – Purple
  • Landing area – Bright Green
  • Incident reporting boundary – Orange

Code of Practice specific to this site:

  • The site is for flying quiet electric-powered models and unpowered gliders only, subject to a maximum noise emission of 72dB(A)
  • Due to the livestock often in the field it is recommended not to fly alone at this site. Always watch out for livestock and do not overfly them at low level
  • The first pilot/group to arrive establishes the pit location and take-off/landing area for the session; all subsequent attendees must join them in that location. Any decision to move the pits and/or take-off/landing location due to a change in wind direction must be agreed jointly by all present
  • Take-off, fly, approach and land only in the areas designated in the maps within our site risk assessment. Models must not overfly the farmhouse, caravan site or adjacent houses
  • Flying times: All days; 10:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. or lighting-up time, whichever is the earlier
  • Transmitter frequencies:
    • 2.4Ghz spread spectrum system
    • 35Mhz all channels
    • 27Mhz SOLID colours only