Powered flying site – Letchworth Rugby Club

Weather and rugby matches permitting, you will generally find somebody flying here on a Sunday afternoon.

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  • The flying site (map) is behind the North Herts Leisure Centre on Baldock Road
  • Turn into the Leisure Centre entrance
  • Follow the signs to Letchworth Eagles and Rugby Club
  • Park in the Rugby Club car park
  • Walk up to the furthest rugby field

Map Key: 

  • Fixed wing flight area – Green
  • Primary rotary flight area – Grey
  • Secondary Rotary flight area – Pale Blue
  • Approach area – Purple
  • Incident reporting boundary – Orange

Code of Practice specific to this site:

  • The site is open to models powered by electric motors or internal combustion engines, subject to a maximum noise emission of 82db(A). Every attempt should be made to reduce emissions to below 79db(A).
  • No flying shall take place when any field is in use for other organised activities.
  • Do not take cars onto the field.
  • Take-off, fly, approach and land only in the areas designated in the maps within our site risk assessment. Do not overfly the Greenway footpath, school, the Leisure Centre or its car park, any adjacent sports ground or the Jackmans estate.
  • Fixed wing aircraft should not use the playing surfaces (other than behind the touch line or the designated runway on the practice pitch at the east end of the site) unless it is vital in the interest of safety.
  • Pilots should stand by the Rugby post nearest the hedge on the furthest Rugby pitch when using the main flying area. 
  • Multi-rotor and helicopter pilots are advised to use the rugby pitch behind the pit area for their flying, especially when fixed wing aircraft are using the normal flying area. Should they wish to fly in the main flight area alongside fixed wing they must make this known to all pilots present before commencing their flight and allow any pilots that wish to land do that before they take off.
  • Rotary craft must NOT fly over the runway when fixed wing aircraft are flying.
  • Rotary pilots should stand together at least 5m away from the pit area when flying rotary craft in the rotary flight area.
  • Flying times: All days; 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or lighting-up time, whichever is the earlier (to 7:30 p.m. for quiet electric models, irrespective of lighting-up time).
  • Transmitter frequencies:
    • 2.4Ghz spread spectrum system
    • 35Mhz EVEN channels only
    • 27Mhz SOLID colours only